Help save California: circulate petitions for the Majority Vote Initiative


By on Wed, January 27, 2010

I have signed on as the Coastside Coordinator for this most important initiative that affects every Californian.

The full wording of the initiative that would appear on the November ballot is but fourteen words.


“All legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by a majority vote

Why is this important?

There’s one main reason:

Under California law, a two-thirds vote is required to pass a budget or raise revenue. That means a minority of legislators—one-third plus one, in either the state Senate or Assembly –– controls the legislature by saying no until they get what they want. This is minority rule, not democracy. A minority of ideological extremists, who do not believe
that state government should serve public needs, have used these two-thirds rules to block the will of the majority, take control, and drive our state into chaos and near-bankruptcy.

Our target for the coastside is more than 3000-signed petitions. To date we have 600+ signatures.

We need petition circulators to man our outreach tables at the local supermarkets, coffee houses, post offices, etc. To help please call me at 650-726-9280.