Coastside Democrats endorse incumbents, MROSD, CUSD, and GSD for June election

By on Tue, April 1, 2014

The Coastside Democrats have published their endorsements for the June 3 primary election.  At a meeting on Friday, March 28, the organization heard presentations from the candidates, as well as supporters and opponents of ballot measures.

Members at the meeting voted to endorse incumbents Jackie Speier, Rich Gordon, and Don Horsley. They also endorsed the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District bond measure, Cabrillo Unified School District parcel tax, and Granada Sanitary District transition to a community services district.

Neither Half Moon Bay Main Street Bridge measures received enough votes to receive an endorsement.

Disclosures: I’m a member of the Coastside Democrats. I wasn’t at the meeting and have made no endorsements.

Candidate/Measure Yes No Endorsed?
JACKIE SPEIER, US House, 14th District 26 0 Endorse 100%
RICHARD S. GORDON, State Assembly 24th District 24 3 Endorse 89%
DON HORSLEY, Supervisor, 3rd District 25 0 Endorse 100%
Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Bond Measure 21 5 Endorse 81%
Cabrillo Unified School District Resolution for a Parcel Tax Measure 16 10 Endorse 62%
LAFCo Resolution for a Measure to Reorganize Granada Sanitary District into a CSD 18 9 Endorse 67%
HMB Resolution for a Measure on the Main Street Bridge Safety and Accessibility Act 8 15 No Endorse 35%
HMB Resolution for a Measure on the Main Street Bridge Preservation Act 7 15 No Endorse 32%


Video of the full 2 1/2 hour endorsement meeting, recorded by