Coastside Farmers’ Market closes its year, Saturday


By on Mon, December 13, 2010

Well Seasoned Greetings, Marketeers -

We sure hope that you’ll find time this week to swing by The Coastside Farmers’  Market one final time this year to fetch all the fixings for your upcoming holiday soirees, fetes, and wing-dings, and to stock your panty for the winter. 

This week is our Seasoned Finale, and we sure hope to see you this one last time - Wednesday in Pacifica and Saturday in Half Moon Bay -  before we pack up our tents for the winter, and dry out our footwear in time for Spring.

I’ll be making like a squirrel and enhancing my stash of dried fruits, nuts and Indian spices these next two Market Days to help see me through the dark days of winter with a little stored sunshine.  Hey, ever make a winter squash curry with a few dried apricots thrown in? No? Well, why not? Those tangy ‘cots zing up a curry delightfully.  Or how about one with lamb and dried cherries? That works surprisingly well too. About as good as a pot roast I made last week for a select and chosen few that featured fennel & fresh ginger zapped up with a cinnamon stick and pink peppercorns. Dang.  I had hoped for leftovers to fortify me for the week ahead, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

What did work out was that once again we have had, against all odds and weather fronts, another fine Farmers’ Market Season.  We all thank you, the Market Faithful for coming out to support your Market, your local Farmers, neighbors and families that grow and make the foods that make you, your family, your community and our local economy as robust and healthy as possible.

We are mighty grateful for another season of support from the Friends of the Farmers’ Market.  And a deep nod of Thanks is due to all of our sponsors for the 2010 season.

Without their support and access to their expertise, we might not have a Farmers’ Market at all, let alone one that is the envy of many nearby Bay Area communities.  A Thank You to those fine folks is attached here, in case you’ve missed seeing one while focused intently on getting eggs before we run out. Should you find yourself dealing with any of these locally based, community serving businesses in the coming months, please let them know you appreciate their support of your local Certified Farmers’ Market. 

And, if by chance you would care to join the Friends of the Farmers’ Market or become ( or continue to be ) a Sponsor for the 2011 Season ( we are coming up on our 10th, can you believe it?) why I’d love to hear from you!

Meanwhile, Happy Hollandaise of all flavors to you and to yours, however you Celebrate the Season or greet a New Year.  As ever, it has been my great pleasure and honor to serve our community, Rain or Shine, every Wednesday and Saturday from May through the 3rd week of December.

Thank You from the Bottom of our Bushels,

Erin Tormey
Founder, Manager
Coastside Farmers’ Markets
May - December

Half Moon Bay @ Shoreline Station•Saturdays - 9 to 1

Pacifica @ Rockaway Beach•Wednesdays - 2:30 - 6:30

Hey Erin - how about sharing the squash curry recipe and I’ll be happy to throw in some dried apricots! Martie

Oh - and thank you for all your enormous work to give us 2 fabulous Farmer’s Markets -YOU ROCK!!!  Hope you get a bit of a break ‘til next Spring!  Martie

Agreed!  I love the Coastside Farmers’ Markets, and I sure miss them in the off season.  Thanks for another great year, Erin!

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Wed, December 22, 2010 8:21pm
Barry Parr
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I forwarded your recipe request to Erin.  Here’s what she says:

Oh, Dear!

Now my secret will be out - and that is this:  I don’t cook with recipes.  I just fling things together in a somewhat willy-nilly fashion based entirely on mood, who is coming for supper and what happens to be available in the market at the time.

But since you asked so nicely,  here’s the basic method I use for making a winter squash curry with dried apricots -

Find a couple of smallish winter squashes - I like to use two kinds , butternut and kabocha are different enough in color and texture to add another layer of interest -  1/2 a squash per person is a good rule of thumb.  You need at least one big onion per squash for a decent curry, and 1 good sized firm ( not floury) potato - most red skinned ones qualify here - per serving.

Cut everything into nice big chunks.  Peel the squash first and set the seeds aside if you are the sort who can bear to fuss with them for a later garnish.

IF you feel brave , chop up a nice size handful of dried apricots, place them in a bowl,  juice a tangerine over them and then douse them with some fresh cracked white or pink peppercorns.  Set aside for a bit while you:

Fry up the onions until they are clear in a nice big pot with just enough ghee or a clear flavorless oil ( avoid olive oil here) and add your curry paste or powder of choice.  I find the Vindaloo combo to be a great foil for the sweetness of the squash m’self.  Toss in the spuds in the pot, put a lid on it and let them cook on medium heat for about 15 minutes with the onions and spices.  Then pile in your squash and toss everything together, cover and let cook for another 5 minutes - If you are going to add the dried apricots, now is the time.

Here’s hoping you have some vegetable stock around, and if you do, you pour in enough to just barely cover your veg, then put the cover back on the pot and walk away for a half hour. If you don’t have vegetable stock on hand, water works too, though you may find you’ll need to add a bit more seasoning ( but not salt, not yet!) to your dish.

For a really thick curry add 8 oz of coconut milk.

Serve it up hours later with a dollop of plain yogurt that you have spiced up with the juice of a lemon and a pinch of curry power/paste, topped with toasted squash seeds. 

Good news for your friends if you also happen to have some naan on hand to scoop it up with- - - 

Hope that helps!