Coastside Farmers’ Market field notes, Aug 4


By on Thu, August 4, 2011

Well, Marketeers, I hope you did not miss our 15 minutes of fame, otherwise known as summer.

I have been doing my best to remain optimistic and retain my sunny disposition despite the lack of reinforcements on that score.  And while there has been an agreed dearth of warmth on the Coast this, uh, summer, there have been plenty of occasions to break out the grill and gather ‘round.

Some, quite unplanned.

Imagine, if you will, enjoying an impromptu summers’ night supper with eight unexpected but otherwise beloved people (all with valid passports!)  that arrive en masse and quite unannounced, dressed in their best summer woolens, anticipating a party only to find they were woefully misinformed about the date, time and nature of a certain Milestone Celebration, commemorated weeks ago. Happily for everyone involved I had spruced up the garden, bathed and was actually dressed at the time they appeared, hungry, festive and undaunted by my obvious bewilderment and state of deshabille.

I had just wandered into the kitchen, deciding how best to combine my days’ shopping and the offerings from the garden into something delicious to enjoy while taking in Selected Shorts when they arrived, expecting delights beyond description and live music. All were certain I would be prepared to counter and compliment their offerings to the meal with a dish or two of my own, and was likely to have at least one really excellent wine at the ready, a table set with candles, condiments and silverware,  and sunshine at sundown available.

Well. Nothing like surprising someone on someone ELSE’s birthday, Alice!

We made a table out of an old door that is covered with an oilcloth that could have voted for Kennedy,  propped it up on a pair of marginally serviceable sawhorses, and set in on the “lawn” (a patch of mowed weeds dappled with maverick yarrow and inconsiderate chamomile, neither of which will deign to actually grown in the designated garden).  Thanks to the variety of gorgeous goodies available at our Markets and because David was right about the wine, we were able to conjure up quite the fiesta-resistance - one Holy Terroir of a sensational spread.

Imagine the sight: bright green scallion dumplings scattered with jewels of teeny, bright orange (on purpose) cherry tomatoes floating in a citrus-spiked yellow pepper puree with pearl white pillows of poached halibut floating alongside. Posit that sensation against a fresh corn and pasilla pepper pozole spiked with ginger and lime with slivers of pork pastured just down the road- right there on the east side of the highway across from Martin’s Beach. Shreddings of savoy cabbage strewn with cilantro and shavings of fennel festoon a slaw of golden and chiogghia beets, which all on its own is a party on a plate. Finish it off with perfectly ripe melon doused in a bit of homemade hootch served with sweet corn madelines, accompanied with shards of deep chocolate.

How could one be affronted by well dressed drop-ins when confronted with such generosity of color and texture? It is just not possible. And the food was pretty good too.

This week:  Markegard Family Farms joins the Half Moon Bay location with pastured pork and lamb. The aforementioned melons are coming into peak season right now, and the sweet corn from Brentwood is remarkable now.

Tomatoes are making their way to Market,and its been worth the weight.  The HEAL Project summer farm stand joins us this week, and we have terrific live music lined up:Gerry Basserman, Frank Ellis, Jay Howlett, Don Rowell Trio and the Lighthouse String band all make appearances this month, thanks to the contributions of the Friends of the Farmers’ Markets and our faithful and very much appreciated sponsors.

See you at the Market!

Erin Tormey
Founder, Manager
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