Coastside Farmers’ Market field notes, Nov 6

By on Sat, November 6, 2010

Hey Marketeers!

Ever take a cooking pumpkin (like an apple blossom type) cube it up, douse it with tangerine juice, zap it with some fresh grated ginger and a light sprinkling of cinnamon,  then toss it in a nice hot oven with a couple of Fuyu persimmons cut into halves and laid face down in the pan,  and then roast it all until the edges got just a little brown, and it perfumed your entire house?
No? Well, you might want to give that a rip, because when you do - and then run everything through the mill once things cool down -  not only do you get a metaphor for how life has felt lately, but the resulting spicy, tangy pulp is just plain a gorgeous color, and it makes a surprising and intriguing base for all kinds of yummy pumpkiny goodness , with a mysterious kick that will sure have the pie purists all atwitter.

This stuff makes a pumpkin pie worth the caloric cost of the crust, if you ask me. It also makes a most tasty muffin ingredient, which when topped with a lovely jewel of pomegranate jelly is about enough to make my Auntie Bits miss the early service of a Sunday.

Take that same stuff and add a soupcon of fine white pepper and some minced, sauteed shallots, and you have a memorable and envy inspiring ravioli filling, people. Toss them in a little bit of almond oil that you have crisped seom sage in, then top them with a few pomegranate arils, and you have quite an Autumn Poem-on-a-Plate.

Actually, I cannot be bothered with making ravioli very often.  My fundamental ( pick one) laziness, lack of time management skills, confused ethnic heritage - prevents me from enjoying that task very often, but not too long ago I made a layered dish of fresh pasta, this pumpkin/oniony loveliness, dollops of goats cheese ( a perfect foil for the sweetness of the squash) and topped with almonds toasted with sage.  Dang.  It was really, really good, and went down quite smoothly with a pile of Little Gem lettuces, a chunk of sourdough and a pretty little tumbler of Viognier . I am pretty sure I missed church that day too. But I did say my prayers, and they were certainly answered.

So, this week we welcome back the fine folks from Cafe de mi Abuelo, who have been out for a bit, and it looks like we will have the first batch of truly local honey from a new vendor, and all of the above-mentioned ingredients in case you want to upset your own belief systems about pumpkin pie recipes.

IN answer to Burning Question Number 675: Left-Coast Grass Fed will be back on November 20th!

AS for Burning Question Number 731: The Market is open - RAIN OR SHINE - every week from here through and including December 18, 2010.

And we hope to see you there, plucking your persimmon in public.


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