Coastside Farmers’ Market in Pacifica is open today


By on Wed, November 24, 2010

The Coastisde Farmers’ Market is open today from 2:30 to 6 PM in Rockaway Beach.  So -  C’mon down to round out your Thanksgiving Day offerings, pile in a few supplies for visiting friends and family, chose a little something to bring to your host if you are not cooking, or pick up something quick to manage the teaming hordes tonight.

Me, I am picking up a peck of sweet potatoes that I intend to peel, cut into big thick wheels, pile into a deep baking dish, splash then with lemons juice and then cover with a whole pan of sliced onions that have been sauteed ( not caramelized - that makes ‘em too sweet) with fresh ground cumin.  Bake the whole magical for about 40 minutes and defy forever the tradition of hyper-sweet goo-coated stupor-inducing yams. 

We are grateful as all get-out for the support of you our Marketeers, and to our sponsors and the Friends of the Farmers’ Market for another great season.  Especially this year when the weather-makers have been so, well, let’s call it challenging.  This has been a tough one for these neighbors and friends of ours who grow our food, these ones who risk everything every day - including their own health and security - so we can all eat better and live more healthy and cohesive lives.  I’ll be raising a glass to them all tomorrow and recommend you do the same. It will feel great, I guarantee.

The season is winding down it’s true, but we will be open today,  and this Saturday in Half Moon Bay and every week through and including Saturday, December 18th.

Erin Tormey