Coastside Farmer’s Market opens Saturday

Press release

By on Thu, April 30, 2009


Opening day for the 2009 season of the Coastside Farmer’s Market is this Saturday, May 2, in Half Moon Bay.  

The Market’s focus on featuring the broad diversity of coastside produce will be apparent as several new, first generation Coastside growers will join long-time Coastside favorites like Harley Farms, Giusti Farms, Daylight, Tunitas Creek Ranch, Ladybug Farms, Greek Oaks Creek, Coastside Flower Farms & Swanton Berry Farm.  

Among the local delights, expect Napa cherries, organic cheeses and farmstead butter from Sonoma, fresh organic olives, beautiful Coastside spring greens, and rare, globe-type artichokes.  This week: blueberries, raspberries  are not far behind! Pastured local eggs, new crop honey and more will be arriving as the season gets rolling and the weather warms up.

Market Favorites The Zoo Human Project is the season opener for a great bill of local and touring musicians this season.  

The Market opens at 9 AM, runs to 1PM every Saturday at Shoreline Station, located on the northeast side of the intersection of Highway One and Kelly Avenue in Half Moon Bay.