Coastside Farmers’ Market, rain or shine, Saturday


By on Fri, December 3, 2010

Happy Hollandaise, Marketeers!


The answer is yes.  The rumors are true: The Coastside Farmers Markets are open, rain or shine, through and including Saturday, the 18th of December.

So, if you have yet to begin a winters day with a breakfast of toasted fig and pistachio sourdough with a generous schmear of Harley Farms fromage blanc topped with thin slices of yellow bellflower apple, you still have a few weeks left to change the way you feel about getting out of bed on these chilly - no, let’s face it, freaky cold - mornings.  Or, if your homecoming has not yet included P-soup ( in this case pumpkin, parsnip, potato, pasilla pepper & pear, cut into chunks, roasted together with onions then popped in a soup pot -  omnivores can add a piece of prize-winning pot-roast - and stewed in its own juice with peppercorns and peeled cinnamon for a bit while you slip into PJ’s) well then you still have a remarkable new experience to anticipate.  Follow it up with one perfect piece of glacied organic valencia orange peel tucked in a cozy robe of dark sweet chocolate and it is really just about too much.

Oh, yes.

The early winter weather has hurried a few folks out of the Market until next year, but for the rest of the season we’ll have a lush selection of the locallest of local produce you can find anywhere, plus fresh pressed cider from the foothills, perfect chocolates, Left Coast Grass Fed beef, and we are still the only Market on the planet that features Harley Farms.  Plus, this week in both locations we once again present Taylor Brown, a sterling musician who has played Carnegie Hall with some one with his first name for their last. He’s played with Carly Simon too.  I am not kidding. About any of it.

Deep gratitude to the Friends of the Farmers’ Market and the Half Moon Bay Order of the Oddfellows for their support of our musicians fund this season, and too the Carruba Family for hosting the Half Moon Bay Market for another swell season. 
Erin Tormey
Founder, Manager
Coastside Farmers’ Markets
May - December

Half Moon Bay @ Shoreline Station•Saturdays - 9 to 1
Pacifica @ Rockaway Beach•Wednesdays - 2:30 - 6:3