Coastsider Advertising Guidelines

By on Wed, November 19, 2003

The following guidelines give you some idea of the criteria we apply before approving an ad. We may apply other critera, and all ads must meet our Terms of Use. All ads will be reviewed and all recommended changes will be shown to the advertiser before the insertion order is executed.

1. Use correct punctuation and capitalization: use exclamation points sparingly and correctly. Capitalize only proper nouns, the beginnings of lines, or words in headlines. Don’t capitalize all the letters in any word.

2. Use correct spelling and grammar.

3. Keep it short.

4. Support competitive claims: If you claim to be #1 on the coast, cite an idependent source.

5. Don’t say "click here" or anything like it.  Your link should be your company name.

6. Use language that is appropriate for all audiences.

7. The page that your ad links to will be considered for appropriateness.  You may not link to a page that generates a pop-up or disables the back button.