Coastsider Classifieds

By on Wed, November 19, 2003

Coastsider Classifieds are intended to be a service to the community. By using Coastsider Classifieds, you agree to Coastsider’s Terms of Use.

You can search and read Coastsider’s classifieds without registering or logging in. To post an ad on Coastsider, you will need to supply a valid email address.

Submitting an ad: Navigate to the classification where you want to post the ad. Click on the "Add new listing to this category" link below the listings.  Once you submit an ad, a confirmation will be emailed to you. You must confirm the email before the ad will be published. All Classified ads are subject to Coastsider’s Terms of Use and can be removed for violating these terms.

Charges: It’s free to post classifieds on Coastsider.

Expiration: You can set the expiration date for your ad, up to three months in advance. We may delete your ad or change its expiration time.

Display advertising:  Currently display text ads are rotated throughout classifieds as they are through the rest of Coastsider. We plan to sell advertising in specific classifications (e.g. Real Estate) in the future.

Acceptance and notification: Coastsider may reject or delete your ad from the site at any time for violating our terms of service or for other reasons at our discretion. We will notify you if your ads has been accepted, rejected, or deleted.