Coastsider endorses April Vargas for Supervisor


By on Thu, May 20, 2010

April Vargas

April Vargas offers the Coastside a rare opportunity to get a member of our community on the Board of Supervisors, and an even more unusual opportunity to vote for someone who embodies our community’s values.

For those of us in Montara, Moss Beach, and El Granada, the Board of Supervisors is our city council. Unfortunately—because supervisors are elected at-large and there are only five seats on the board—the interests of the Coastside are poorly represented, if at all, on the board.

If you live in Half Moon Bay, the quality of your life is greatly affected by the way the county manages planning, parks, public works, and other issues on the Midcoast. April would make Half Moon Bay a better place to live as well.

April Vargas supports district elections for the board, something you won’t hear from any of the current incumbents.

In the meantime, the issues of the Coastside are barely recognized by the current board. It would be refreshing to hear the needs of Coastside residents acknowledged by the Board of Supervisors.

April is a longtime community activist who played an important role in making the Devil’s Slide Tunnel a reality. She’s a major presence in our community, and she has been involved in county issues for more than a decade. I know that when I attend a Board of Supervisors, Coastal Commission, or community meeting, I’m more likely to see April there than anyone else. April has worked tirelessly to improve our local environment, and was an early advocate for Barack Obama’s candidacy for president.

April Vargas is an ideal candidate for the Board of Supervisors, and an ideal representative of the Coastside.