Coastsider Terms of Use

By on Wed, November 19, 2003

By using Coastsider, you agree to the following terms of service. We’ve tried to make them as simple as possible, while protecting our rights and those of our users.

1. Coastsider has made available to the community a web site featuring news, bulletin boards, classifieds, advertising, and a lot of other information. This site is the property of Coastsider, and Coastsider may determine its own editorial policy for the site.

2. Anything you post on Coastsider is your responsibility.

3. You acknowledge and agree to the Coastsider Privacy Policy.

4. Coastsider has sole discretion on interpreting these rules and determining compliance.

5. We can’t be responsible for the contents of any site that is linked from Coastsider.

6.  You agree that you will treat other Coastsider readers with civility.  You agree not to post content that is illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory, pornographic, deceptive, false, misleading, or disruptive. These terms are defined at Coastsider’s discretion.

7. You agree not to send unsolicited commercial email to addresses on Coastsider or through our computers. You agree not to post advertising or commercial messages except in areas reserved for ads. The definition of advertising and commercial is at our discretion.

8. Coastsider can set limits on what you can do on our system, how much you can post to it, and how often you can use it. We can deactivate your account, block your address, or otherwise keep you off the system at our discretion. We don’t take any responsibility for information that is lost or deleted from the system.

9. You agree to accept responsibility for your dealings with other users and not to hold Coastsider responsible for the conduct of people you’ve met through our site.

10. You agree to give us the right to reproduce on Coastsider any content you post on the site. You agree for your postings to be covered by our Creative Commons License.

11. Please report any violations of the Terms, by flagging the posting(s) for review, or by emailing abuse[at]coastsider[dot]com.  Our failure to act on a particular breach does not waive our right to act on subsequent or similar breaches.

12. We welcome your feedback on this document.

13. Coastsider may change these rules at any time.