Coffee with the Cunha Intermediate School Principal, Friday

Posted by on Tue, March 10, 2009

We are once again inviting the public to join us this coming Friday, March 13 at 8:00 am to have coffee with Mr. Michael Andrews, Principal of Cunha Intermediate.  This is a great way to get to know our on site administrators and ask any questions about the construction, testing, curriculum….whatever is on your mind!  The coffee will be served in the Community Schools room, in the E Building.

Boy, this could be an inflammatory message so right off the bat I’m going to encourage people to feel free to respond in email to tpmcgee {at} if you would like to respond but fear commenting in public. (I hope that’s permissible, Barry)

We have 2 (next year it will be 3) kids at Farallone View school in Montara. I’ve been noticing for the last couple years that most of our friends who have kids in elementary school have frequently said that as soon as their kids reach middle school age they’re going to *have to* go to a private school or move out of the Cabrillo district. These friends have been from HMB, Moss Beach, and Montara and uniformly the opinion has been that it would be unthinkable to send their kids to Cunha but I’ve never been able to figure out where that opinion comes from. Some of these folks are very active in the PTOs in Cabrillo elementary schools so it’s not like they have a general disposition against public education. And I’ve heard this from more than a dozen parents so it’s not a completely isolated opinion.

So what’s the deal? Anyone know why people who are such fans of public elementary schools think so badly of Cunha? Or is it just fear of an unknown school and the opinion that somewhere else MUST be better?

We’ve had some terrific teachers at Cunha for our two kids that have gone there.  Both had a great experience.

Cunha reminds me a lot of the public middle school I attended, in its limitations, the things it does well, and its social makeup.

Thanks, Barry, positive comments are certainly reassuring. All of the detractors I referred to do not have kids at Cunha so I’m very honestly trying to understand why some folks are down on the school. My kids will almost certainly end up going there, we can’t afford private school and we’re unlikely to move in the next few years.

As Todd described, I heard some negative things about Cunha when my son was in elementary school. This year he is in sixth grade and he is having a great year. Like all schools, it is not perfect, but Cunha is lucky to have many extremely dedicated teachers who are doing great things there.

Ah, another issue on which Kevin Lansing and I agree (and Barry, too). My sons have had excellent experiences at Cunha (and Farallone View and the High School, for that matter) and we are huge proponents of public education, both in general and on the Coast. 

Now if we could only get the anti-parcel tax crowd to listen to people—from both sides of the slow-growth vs. no-growth debate—who live it every single day, students would benefit even more.

As Barry said - we had some fantastic teachers at Cunha who made all the difference.  My son and daughter still go back to say hello and catch up from time to time.  Mrs. Weber, their counselor was also a huge support, and always helpful if we did have issues. The big difference is made with parent involvement.  School Loop is a great tool to keep generally informed, but nothing beats personal involvement in the school and in your kids life.  Volunteer for events, go to the plays, and the science fair, and get to know the teachers.  We found them to be an exceptional group of educators and I appreciate what they contributed to our kids development.