Comcast screwups list


By on Tue, October 5, 2010

Today’s listing of Comcast screwups:

1.  Missing analog channels (non-cable box users only)

2. doesn’t show changed channel lineup

3. channel lineup display doesn’t work with Firefox

4.  Comcast didn’t pass the lineup change over to wherever TiVo gets it from, so TiVo didn’t send out an updated channel lineup.

From the time that the switch to digital TV was announced, Comcast has been saying that Comcast customers wouldn’t need to change anything.  We now see that that was mostly a lie—they now are forcing most people to get (and most importantly, pay for) cable boxes.  However, I only have "Limited Basic", and I’ve been assured by many Comcast reps over the last year that Limited Basic would remain as-is on analog, with no cable box or DTA converter required.  Well, as of today, that’s also a lie.  I’m missing half a dozen of the higher limited basic channels, specifically including MCTV 27.  And of course the rep on the phone tells me that I have to get a cable box, which is not true.

The only reason I have not switched to satellite is the local cable access channel (MCTV).  I’m sure I’m not alone with my attitude that the only reason to have Comcast cable TV is the local access channel.

Requiring people to pay for cable boxes or converters when they previously didn’t have to is an unauthorized rate increase.  Anybody want to bet on whether San Mateo County and the City of Half Moon Bay (the franchising authorities) care?