Comedy Improv Show comming Next Saturday Aug 11th


By on Thu, August 2, 2012

Owner’s Manual: Blue Blanket Improv Comedy Ticket

Congratulations on the purchase of a Blue Blanket Improv ticket(s)! This ticket is your passport to the community of BBI ticket holders and will provide you with hours of entertainment. To realize its maximum comedy value, before you use your ticket, we encourage you to read this entire document, which includes operating instructions and important administrative information.

Proper Ticket Usage
Step 1:  Arrive at Odd Fellows Hall, 526 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA, on Saturday, August 11, between 7:00 P.M. and 7:25 P.M.
Step 2:  Present your ticket to a ticket collector.
Step 3:  Find an empty seat. If you purchased multiple tickets and wish for your party to “sit together,” please ensure that your chosen empty seat is adjacent to at least as many other empty seats as the size of your party. Please contact us directly and we would be happy to provide a detailed diagram as an example of recommended seating configurations for a party of three.
Step 4:  Enjoy the show.
Step 4A:  “Audience Participation”—At various times during the show, the Master of Ceremonies (aka “MC” or “host”) will ask for suggestions from the audience, perhaps asking for a favorite holiday, piece of advice, or inappropriate chew toy for a puppy. At such times, please shout out your suggestions, keeping in mind that they should be appropriate for all ages. You are under no obligation to be “funny;”: in fact, your lack of humor will force the Blue Blanket players to work that much harder.
Step 4B: “Scene-in-Progress”—After the MC has made a selection, simply sit back and watch as the Blue Blanket players transform your suggestion into a gut-wrenchingly funny scene which they will improvise on the spot. Appropriate responses include laughter, applause, groans, and fist-pumping accompanied by hearty choruses of “whoo-whoo-whoo.”

Care for Your Ticket
Take care not to mutilate, crease, or spindle your ticket. If you do fold your ticket, you can enter it in our “Ticket Origami” competition.

Legal Disclaimers
If you have been diagnosed with an impaired sense of humor, approach improvisational comedy cautiously. Raucous laughter has also been known to induce labor, so pregnant women in their 35th week or beyond should bring their “Delivery Room Go Bag” to the performance.

Not Yet a Ticket Owner?
Don’t worry! It’s not too late. You can either order a ticket online at or purchase one at the door. Tickets are a mere $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12. Each ticket also includes a “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” loyalty promotion voucher.