Comedy show for the whole family, Saturday

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By on Mon, October 31, 2011

Morose Marvin was a very sad little chipmunk. He never laughed, and he never smiled. His mother was worried about him. “Marvin,” she said, “if you don’t smile and laugh, your cheek muscles will shrivel up and you won’t be able to store nuts in them for your afternoon snack.” “I know, Mother,” he said. “But there’s nothing funny on television, and ever since Ricky Raccoon moved away, I don’t have any friends to play with.”

Marvin’s mother had a brilliant idea. She had seen the signs for Blue Blanket Improv and their show at the Odd Fellows Hall in Half Moon Bay. As she and Marvin trundled down Main Street, they got to #526, and scrambled up a tree to see in the window of the hall on the second story. “We’d better hurry and go in, the show starts at 6:30,” Marvin said, and he started to hop in the open window. “Not so fast, my little one. Just because we could go in the window, we should still buy tickets at the door. Adult tickets at $10 and kids’ tickets just $1, so how much will we have to pay?” Marvin scowled. “That sounds like a math quiz. I want to laugh, not take quizzes.” “Oh, all right,” said Mrs. Chipmunk, “It means that our $11 will be going to a scholarship for some talented high school student from the Coast to go to college.”

Marvin perched on his seat, and watched as the Blue Blanket players took the stage. He was amazed as they acted out scenes and asked for suggestions from the audience. Marvin was so excited that he shouted out “Raccoon” when they asked for animals, because he was still thinking of Ricky. The people all around him were laughing, and soon, Marvin found his cheeks starting to soften up. When the actor on stage pretended that he was riding a camel backwards, Marvin started to laugh. From there, each scene got funnier and funnier, and soon he was laughing so hard he was crying. Mrs. Chipmunk knew that Marvin would have plenty of “cheek room” to store his afternoon snacks when they got home.

Blue Blanket Improv performs family-friendly improvisational comedy.

The Odd Fellows Hall, 526 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, CA Saturday, November 5th, 2011. Doors open at 6pm, Show runs from 6:30 - 8PM At the door, $10 for adults, just $1 for children under 12

Because Morose Marvin isn’t the only one who needs a laugh! (Plus, all the money raised goes to a scholarship fund for a Coastside high school student.)

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