Comedy this Saturday


By on Thu, December 9, 2010

What? The countdown to 2011 has started already?!?!?

Well, yes it has, but that’s another story. This is the story of the final Blue Blanket Improv show of the decade on December 11, 2010, at 8:00 PM (doors open at 7:30 PM).

Come to Enso (131 Kelly Ave, Half Moon Bay, CA) for our swan song performance of the year and at our beloved Enso venue.  Starting in January 2011, we move up Highway 1 to The Wine Bar at the Shoppes of Harbortown Village for our regular "Second Saturday at 8:00 PM" shows.

Admit it…you’re getting sick of the carols; you’ve had it up to "here" with egg nog and mistletoe; and you’re worried that your Scrooge face will become permanent if you have to endure one more "Peanuts" Christmas special on TV. Well, relief is in sight!

Replace the gales of faux snow with gales of laughter as the Blue Blanket Improv players create scenes, zany characters, and punchlines of incredible speed and wit based on your suggestions.

This family-friendly entertainment option sure beats roasting chestnuts around an open fire.

Get directions, pick up additional information, and order your tickets online at
And don’t forget, this is your last chance to use the 2010 Blue Blanket Improv "Laugh Pack" coupons.
Note: Although our snide comments are meant to satirize the Santa Claus cartel and the holidays of the Locally Dominant Religious Paradigm, we at BBI are equal opportunity jokesters. As such, in the name of good fun, we are willing to toss jibes at your menorah, pop your Kwanzaa muhindi, and pull the plug on your Diwali.