Coral Reef Ave. eucalyptus will be cut back for wildfire control demonstration

By on Sun, May 3, 2009

San Mateo County Resource Conservation District
The project area is shown in yellow and includes lands owned by CUSD and POST. Click for PDF.

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Eucalyptus near Coral Reef Ave in El Granada will be cut back to reduce the risk of wildfire beginning Monday, May 11. According to San Mateo County Resource Conservation District press release:

Limbs will be removed from eucalyptus trees up to approximately 12 feet.  Trees up to 6 inches in diameter will be removed using chain saws and chipped on site.  Vegetative debris that has accumulated on the ground and could potentially ignite will be piled in safe locations and burned under appropriate weather conditions by Cal Fire crews.  ...  This demonstration project is the first step toward the goal of creating a defensible space within 100 feet of all the homes in this neighborhood.

CalFire identified this area as a priority for fuel reduction because of the forest type and structure, adjacency to homes, and current use patterns by the public.  They recommended this site as an excellent demonstration opportunity because of its safe accessibility and visibility to the surrounding community.

As a demonstration, the project will also test fuel reduction methods. A meeting to discuss the findings will be held when it is complete. The project website, with details, schedule, a site map, and contact info is at

The project is a partnership of CalFire, the Cabrillo Unified School District (CUSD), Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), and the San Mateo County Resource Conservation District (RCD).