Coastside County Water District candidates

Posted by on Mon, October 5, 2009

We’ll update this story with additional information, but this will be the official Coastsider thread for discussing this race.

Candidate Videos from Montara Fog

In addition to the candidate statements linked in this article, Darin Boville also videotaped the Candidates Forum held on September 30, 2009, sponsored by the Midcoast Community Council and the League of Women Voters. Jacqueline Jacobberger, President of the San Mateo County League chapter, moderated and selected questions submitted by audience members. Each candidate had an opportunity for an opening statement, a minute to respond to each question, and a closing statement.

Darin’s video of the Candidates Forum has excellent sound and video quality, is nicely chaptered so you can go directly to the question or questions of interest, and is posted on MontaraFog at

Jerry Donovan was unable to participate in the Candidate Forum.

For Coastside County Water District, candidates answered these questions:

1. If California begins to experience more extreme dry years than we have currently, should we be taking measures now to prepare for that possibility, and if so, what specific measures?

2. What do you see as the water district’s role in bringing recycled water to the district? Should we be using more recycled water?

3. How would the rates be calculated on recycled water?

4. Do you support a fair new hookup or connection fee?

5. With climate change and population growth, imported water from the Sierras and the Delta becoming very scarce and expensive, where do you anticipate the District will get additional water supplies to serve our growing population?

6. Do you support the continued independence of both coast water districts, the CCWD and the MWSD?

7. Are you satisfied with the District’s accounting? Are you comfortable that current rate payers are not subsidizing infrastructure for future development? Is the Board providing adequate accounting oversight?

8. There are nearly 1100 houses on wells on the Coastside. Recently 72 non-priority connections became available. Do you support reserving all 72 connections for getting houses off of wells? Why or why not?

9. As a future Board member, how will you manage your policy making to stay within the confines of Measure D in the City, and the to-be-determined County’s LCP?

10. How much do you think water rates are going to increase over the next 10 years?

Other resources for information about the candidates includes the official Sample Ballot booklet, which contains brief statements from the candidates, the League of Women Voters “Smart Voter” web site,, and individual candidate web sites.