County holding green building workshop in El Granada, Tuesday

Posted by on Fri, June 26, 2009

The county is holding Green Building workshops on Monday June 30 at 6pm, in the multipurpose room

in the Library (new location), Room D-4 at El Granada Elementary School. The purpose is to discuss possible revisions to current regulations, include additional types of building, and set new standards.

Read the County’s staff report on green building [pdf] for more information on what is being considered.

The county’s Green Building Task Force and the Planning and Building Department are the sponsors.

This is an excellent opportunity to attend two important community meetings on the same evening and in the same location. The County’s Green Bldg. Task Force is taking comments from the public regarding new proposals to expand the program. As a member or the Task Force, I will attend and am interested in what Coastsides have to say about the proposal and what additions should be included. This meeting starts at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, June 30, in the El Granada School Library, Room D-4.

At 7:00pm in the school’s multi-purpose room, the third meeting of the Traffic and Trails series will present the plan concepts created by the community during Saturday’s 5 hour session. Refreshments will be served.

We all want the County to hold more of its meetings on the Coast. Here is our chance to attend two in one night, with snacks included. I hope to see you there.