County proposes LED streetlights for Midcoast communities


Posted by on Mon, March 24, 2014

Conversion to LED streetlights in the unincorporated Midcoast will be the main item on this Wednesday’s Midcoast Community Council agenda, March 26, 7pm, at Granada Sanitary District meeting room.

More information and the full agenda are on the MCC’s website.


I’m not concerned about LED lights, but I am concerned about light pollution. I love the Coastside’s dark night skies. Will there be a discussion of what the county plans to do to mitigate excess glare and light scattering, and the degree to which this was or will be considered in the county’s choice of lights?

This meeting will provide the initial discussion with the community about this issue.  Supervisor Horsley’s Aide Nicholas Calderón will present the issue.  This is the time to ask questions and give feedback.  It is hoped there can be some small local trial installations so that people can see what it looks like. 

The County is motivated by the major energy conservation benefits and related cost savings.  The light spectrum of moonlight also has appeal.  I notice the Air Force recently changed their string of streetlights on Pillar Point to LED, and the difference is quite noticeable in the distant view - much less horizontal-directed glare and more natural color lighting the landscape.  I believe the streetlighting at the tunnel portals is also LED.