County Times covers Big Wave appeal

By on Tue, April 19, 2011

The County Times talks briefly to folks on both sides of the appeal of Big Wave , and says that “The Coastal Commission will likely hear the appeal at its meeting May 11-13 in Santa Rosa, ... If the Coastal Commission determines that the appeal raises substantial issues, it will schedule a separate hearing on all aspects of the project, initiating a process that could take up to 6 or 8 months.”

“Environmental organizations are sympathetic to the need for housing of people at all economic levels, including people with disabilities,” Mike Ferreira, head of conservation for the Sierra Club’s Loma Prieta chapter, said in a statement Monday afternoon. “But this location could not be worse for this vulnerable population.” [...]

Supporters say the countywide lack of housing for adults with disabilities, particularly on the Coastside, makes a compelling case for building a communal care center where residents can live and work. [...]

The Granada Sanitary District and the Montara Water and Sanitary District were also expected to file an appeal by 5pm Tuesday, the appeals deadline.