CUSD rolls back facility fees


By on Fri, October 22, 2010

At a meeting of the Cabrillo Unified School Board earlier this month the Board unanimously voted to roll the fees for using CUSD facilities back to the 2009 rates. Rates had been increased dramatically as part of an effort to raise revenue before the passage of Measure E. In early 2010 the Board had directed staff to raise the fees for using school rooms and athletic fields to raise an additional $35K per year which resulted in some fees tripling.

The Board recognized that the rate increases were hitting some community groups particularly hard and were having unintended consequences for those groups. They then voted to roll back the rate partially as a way to help support the community in the face of the support that the community gave to CUSD with the passage of Measure E.

This rollback is a great step by CUSD and should be applauded by the whole community. Rolling back the fees will mean that after school programs and community groups that were threatened can be reinstated or assured of continuing. The Board deserves congratulations and thanks for this move.

Todd McGee
Parent of children at Farallone View Elementary
Assistant Cubmaster, Cub Scout Pack 255, Montara