CUSD’S “Push Poll” for a Parcel Tax


By on Thu, November 19, 2009

CUSD ran a ‘Push Poll’ last week. It was run by the same folks who ran the last one - EMC.
After the poll, CUSD’s Board Members Jolanda Schreurs and Dwight Wilson eventually and reluctantly owned up to it.

In that poll, the School Board ranked a little below that of a used car salesperson on the ‘trust’ level. Apparently they didn’t like those results, so the ‘Push Poll".

Does anyone else remember that School Board member John Moseley said last year that he would not bring another Parcel Tax to the ballot?

For those not familiar with the term “Push Poll", here is my example:

Now that you know that the CUSD Board squandered half of the Fifty Million Dollar Construction Budget, Gave the Superintendent an obscene pay increase in secret, contrary to state law, and followed it up again allowing him to write - again in secret - a ‘consulting contract’ for himself, which he was not qualified for, to squandered another Quarter Million Dollars -
Would you vote for a Parcel Tax?

One of the most interesting questions was: "Do you read the Half Moon Bay Review?" A ‘publication’ that runs stories apparently unedited from the PR pieces turned out by CUSD.

The Parcel Tax is targeted for the June 2010 election. Does any of this sound familiar? Six doomed Parcel Taxes!

They are not weighing whether to commit suicide again; but whether to ask for: $125/year, $175/ year or $250/year!

They are calling 400 registered voters in the district, which makes it roughly a 2.5% sample. 

I had a professor in AI who defined “Intelligence” as the property of learning how not to repeat the same mistake twice.
And from another discipline, a definition of “Insanity” as repeating the same mistake over and over and over again and expecting a different result!

Ken Johnson

P.S. Last time they put the size of the Parcel Tax in terms of giving up a specialty coffee item. I am way past that!
I am just trying to make it through “The Great Depression II”.
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