Daily Journal:  HMB’s political naiveté sank AB650

By on Fri, June 26, 2009

The San Mateo Daily Journal editorializes that the city of Half Moon Bay blew its chances of getting a bailout from the state by acting like it didn’t need the money.

With the state’s attention on its own budget deficit, the bill faced an uphill fight — but it was one Hill was willing to wage. However, that fight came abruptly to an end when the council made cuts and elevated its bond rating and voted to move forward with issuing its own bonds to ensure it could meet a Aug. 29 deadline or face interest penalties in case the state legislation failed. The vote to give Dolder his raise was the nail in the legislative coffin as Republicans in the Legislature got hold of the news — giving the bill its highest negative attention. Hill saw the writing on the wall and decided to cut his losses this week while expressing disappointment the city made the decisions it did. ...

Self reliance is a virtue, and the city should make every step necessary and available to solve its own problems. But acting like a political novice is now requiring them to.

What the Journal misses is that the city wasted the entire 2008 legislative session on the cynical and hopeless AB1991.


HMB Public Take Notice

From the June 10 Half Moon Bay Review

HMB - where is that new Beachwood Park…?

Oh, never mind, you look like you are in deep dodo again for doing nothing when Parks were so important to you with your manipulative lawsuit bailout in AB 1991, AB/Sib 650.

You have another day of reckoning - July 21, 2009!

The council “by another unanimous vote, scheduling a July 21 meeting to discuss and vote on turning over the 24-acre property at 880 Stone Pine Road to the Peninsula Open Space Trust. The city has owned the land since 2004, when it purchased it off Nurserymen’s Exchange with a $3.1 million loan from POST. Since the purchase, the city has made no progress in building a community park or paying off the large loan to the open-space trust.”

Does this mean Beechwood is DOA for another 5 years while you develop this property as you planned with that $3.1 million….

It looks likes HMB just buys and doesn’t keep its promises to development those community parks land purchases.  Get “Gridlock” Jerry Hill and “Sanctuary City” Yee on this right away! 

Let’s face it, it is about purchase addiction.  Dr. Phil would like to put your council in to rehabilitation ... hopefully in Texas or one of the basin and ranges in the Mojave Desert to get your foggy heads cleared.