Darin’s Monday Photo: Erosion

Posted by on Wed, May 9, 2007

Darin Boville
Coastsider presents a weekly publication-quality photo of the Coastside. Our goal is to provide the community with photos they can reuse as as desktop backgrounds, screen savers, cards, or to print for display. Click to download full-size version (2.1 mb). Copyright © 2007 by Darin Boville. FREE for personal use.

A free Monday photo on a Wednesday! Sorry for the delay—I was in Yosemite without Internet access.

Great shot Darin! Well worth the wait. Where did you snap this?

Hey Joel,

Glad you liked the shot. I’m not exactly sure where I shot this—I remember the trip—beach hopping down the coast one day.

I believe this was shot after an aborted hike across the street from Pescadero Beach (we call it the “Poison Oak Hike”) toward the en dof the day…but maybe not!