Letter: Delicious food at 7th Street Montara—locals’ discounts, too


Posted by on Fri, March 20, 2009

I love having a "3rd Place" in Montara—a place other than home and work where we can go to meet friends and experience community. 7th Street Montara (on Highway One) is such a place. During these lean times the restaurant is still providing 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. In order to continue to provide great food the restaurant needs locals to support them. There is now a discount for us on Tuesday nights as well as a special discount program for ordering multiple meals as take outs. The food is great, so please stop by and try it out.

We also have an excellent Indian Restaurant and Caffe Lucca both of which are struggling to keep their doors open as well.

Nancy Margulies

A question for readers:

Generally I’ve discouraged letters promoting single businesses, even from happy customers, because I’m afraid of spam from friends of the owners. I still ask companies to post their own notices in Unclassifieds, except for occasional announcements of free events of general public interest.

At the same time, I like the idea of promoting local businesses among Coastsiders.

I’m interested in hearing from readers whether they find this kind of story useful, however.

The trouble with a letter like this, promoting a business, is that it is a single opinion from someone who may not be an expert critic.

I don’t mind this kind of “promotion”, but it’s not my website.

If this is a community forum, then I think the story is useful as a reminder to the community to support the community—(not to say that everyone needs a reminder).

Besides, we like 7th street,...and Lucca, and Classique, and 3-Zero, and Ketch, and Gibraltar, and Blue Sky, and…  :-)

Over in Town Hall I’m trying to start a thread on businesses of all kinds with “deals for locals.”

Would it be OK to copy this letter there?

I enjoy all of the above business and want to put a pitch in for Princeton Seafood.  We have a wonderful meal there tonight for a very reasonable price.  The only folks I saw there were locals, but I would encourage more to have a meal there -

Also, in Princeton on the afternoon of the first Thursday of the month there is a local car ‘show’- there are many wonderful works of art that are brought out for all to enjoy there.  It is a very fine, fun event.


I like the local focus and support, and enjoy reading how we are all getting creative and innovative during these times!

I don’t see a good answer.

There are surely places on the coastside that it’d be good to hear more about. OTOH, even setting the claque problem aside (impossible), even the crappy joints have their fans.

I’d like to hear a little more about why a place deserves attention—the more substantive and articulate and specific the better.

The problem I see with this article is determining whether the last paragraph/sentence is factual or anecdotal.  Is it really true that Cafe Lucca and Fog City North India Cuisine are “struggling to keep their doors open as well”?

I have heard from employees and/or owners that winter time for the 3 Montara restuarants is a very uncertain business time and often leads them to wonder if they can remain open. I can do a survey to update this situation. My goal in writing about this was to encourage the community to support local restaurants.

Heard a rumor that HMB Brewery is opening a take-out restaurant in Montara (corner of 8th and Hwy 1), targeting the end of March.  Maybe this, along with sunny weather, will help attract more business for the 3 existing establishments.