Document:  Staff report for Big Wave study session, Weds

By on Sun, January 24, 2010

You can now download a copy of the the county planning staff’s report on the Big Wave development from Coastsider. We don’t yet have the attachments, but wanted to get this piece into the public’s hands as soon as possible.

On Wednesday, Jan 27, at 8am, the San Mateo County Planning Commission will hold a study session on the proposed development.  The attached document covers some areas of the project, such as: the project description, the business plan, subdivision of the property, why no story poles have been put up, what utilities and districts are involved, tsunami hazards, effect on population and housing, and the need for police support.

The staff document doesn’t address zoning, effects on local biology, traffic impacts, or other issues that have been raised in more than 200 comments filed with the county.

The Planning Commission has also apparently not been sent copies of the public comment on this project [Download or read individually on Coastsider].

We’ll have more on this document and the upcoming study session, but this will get you started.  Post your comments and questions here.