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By on Thu, October 20, 2011

The Coastside Film Society presents a documentary about the American healthcare system.


Friday, Oct. 21, 8 p.m. Community United Methodist Sanctuary 777 Miramontes St., HMB Suggested adult donation: $8.00, children & students $3.00

Activist filmmaker Michael Moore’s unabashed critique of the American for-profit healthcare system. Yes, Moore predictably bemoans the plight of the 50 million Americans who have no health coverage, but the heart of this movie is made up of the stories of middle class Americans who thought they had great healthcare coverage up and until the moment they got sick.

Moore “clearly articulates his point of view. You know where he stands on this issue… But, to be fair, he very wisely presents AMA spokespersons, doctors and other people who claim socialized medicine puts health care into the hands of the government, and that’s a very bad idea. Moore’s films are always well-made, timely, thought-provoking and about subjects that really matter. This is a film you must see.” Jennifer Merin,

Moore travels to Canada, Cuba, England, and France, to talk to doctors and patients who seem quite happy with the treatment they are receiving. Given that this is Michael Moore you have to expect a few on-screen gimmicks - like when he brings a collection of 911 responders with no coverage to Guantanamo Bay asking for the same “excellent care the evil doers are getting”.

“The film emerges as a fascinating exploration and powerful indictment of a pressing national problem. This is Moore’s biggest, best and most impassioned work. And while he probes a vitally serious subject and makes a case for widespread reform, he does so with lighthearted flourishes, large doses of humor, clever use of film footage and a catchy soundtrack. These assets, along with well-chosen interview subjects, make Sicko a film that will arouse surprise, outrage, sadness and heated discussion.” Claudia Puig, USA Today

“Moore’s films usually make conservatives angry. This one is likely to strike home with anyone, left or right, who has had serious illness in the family.” Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

The presenter will be Warren Haack of San Francisco State’s Film School and a Board Member of the Film Society. Warren just got back from filming a documentary in Cuba, and if we twist his arm he will talk briefly about his experiences in Cuba making films and dealing with the Cuban Health Care system.

Rated PG-13 (for scary insurance stories and brief strong language)

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