Documents:  Attachments to Big Wave Draft EIR comments

By on Tue, January 26, 2010

Those 243 comments on the Big Wave Draft Environmental Impact Report also came with a stack of attachments, including presentations from previous planning commission hearings and technical appendices. You can download the appendices to the comments from Coastsider [64mb].

The presentations from November 18 Planning Commission hearing (Appendix B) are particularly interesting, and contain some excellent feedback about the development from community members.

Click below for the detailed list.

Big Wave Wellness Center and Office Park Project
Final Environmental Impact Report

Appendix A: November 18, 2009 Planning Commission Public Hearing

Appendix B: Presentations From The November 18, 2009 Planning Commission Public Hearing

Appendix C: Attachments To Comment Letter 204 From Big Wave Group, Scott Holmes, Dated December 23, 2009

Appendix D: Attachments To Comment Letter 205 From Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger, Llp., Winter King, Dated December 23, 2009

Appendix E: Attachments To Comment Letter 209 From Wittwer & Parkin, Llp., Jonathan Witter, Dated December 23, 2009

Appendix F: Information Submitted By Sabrina Brennan, Dated December 24, 2009

  • Seal Cove Road Closures
  • Midcoast Community Council Letter Regarding the Big Wave Facilities Plan
  • Midcoast Community Council Letter Regarding the Big Wave Facilities Plan
  • Summary of Printed Materials
  • The San Andreas and San Gregorio Fault System in San Mateo County
  • USGS, Earthquake Hazard Program
  • California Emergency Management Agency, My Hazards
  • Grand Jury of San Mateo County, Summary of Tsunami Alter and Evacuation on the San Mateo County Coast
  • City of Half Moon Bay Tsunami Information
  • Designing For Tsunamis – Seven Principles For Planning And Designing For Tsunami Hazards
  • An Introduction to the Historical Ecology of the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve CCA
  • California Climate Change Center, Impacts of Seal-Level Rise on the California Coast
  • Pacific Institute, Coastal Populations Vulnerable to Seal-Level Rise
  • Pacific Institute, Impact of Seal Level Rise on the California Coast
  • Seal Level Rise Preparedness
  • California Natural Resources Agency, 2009 California Adaptation Strategy
  • SFGate, Eroding Cliff Prompts Pacific Evacuations
  • Coastsider, We Need a Way to Cross Highway 1 Safely in Moss Beach and Montara
  • Half Moon Bay Review, Highway 1 Re-Opened After Miss Beach Accident
  • Golden Gate Regional Center, Policy Guidelines
  • Abuse and Neglect of Adults with Developmental Disabilities: A Public Health Priority for the State of California
  • National Resources Center for Respite and Crisis Care Services, Abuse and Neglect of Children with Disabilities
  • Goals for the Building Partnership Initiative
  • National Disability Rights Network, A Decade of Little Progress Implementing Olmstead
  • National Disability Rights Network, Press Room
  • National Disability Rights Network, Restraint and Seclusions Resources
  • The National Children Traumatic Stress Network, Facts on Traumatic Stress and Children with Development Disabilities
  • Williams Syndrome Foundation, Retardation and Abuse
  • The Arc, People with Intellectual Disabilities and Sexual Violence
  • Local Government Commission, highway 1 Safety and Mobility Improvement Study