Earth Day cleanup at Montara Beach, Sunday

Posted by on Wed, April 15, 2009

Montara Beach Coalition
600lbs of trash were cleared from Montara Beach in Sept, 2007.

The Montara Beach Coalition is hosting a beach clean up for Montara State Beach and Grey Whale Cove in honor of Earth Day 2009. Earth Day falls on April 22nd this year but as that is mid week so we will hold the clean up on the weekend before on Sunday April 19th. Trash bags and gloves will be supplied we will meet at 9.30am in the Outrigger parking lot and plan to work through till midday.

There are several other coastside clean ups happening to celebrate Earth Day hosted by The Pacifica Beach Coalition and Surfrider to name a few. I encourage anyone who cares about our planet and our beautiful beaches to join us on this day to pick up trash and clean up the environment in some way, even if you can’t make one of the scheduled events you can help by picking up trash on your own street or neighborhood. For more information visit or You can also join The Montara Beach Coalition group on Facebook to keep current with local events.

Hope to see you there.

Kevin Stokes

I would just like to add that after the cleanup, everyone is invited to join us and the Pacifica Beach Coalition for an celebration at 12 noon at Sharp Park Beach in Pacifica. For more info, go to

Kevin, your post reads Sunday April 19th, do you mean Saturday, April 18th?  Saturday April 18th is the Pacifica Beach Coalition Earth Day Party from 12 to 2.

If any of you are itching for a Saturday Beach Clean-Up, come to Poplar:

POPLAR BEACH - SAT APRIL 18 - 9 to 11 a.m.

Run the sign-in table!  Hand-out the gloves and bags.  Arrive at
8:45am to be in on the Core Volunteer Training and learn how to help out at future events!

We’ll provide gloves and bags.
Thanks to Allied Waste Services for picking up the trash!  We aim to fill all 4 dumpsters.  We also will empty that lone trash can in the Monterey Cypress grove that is filled with paper coffee cups and dog poop bags.  Pictures to come!

After the cleanup, join the Pacifica Beach Coalition for a celebration
at 12noon at Sharp Park Beach in Pacifica.  For more info, go to

Surf’s up for Earth Day!

Sorry for the confusion, Anneeliese you are correct. The Montara Clean up is on Sunday 19th, but the Popular beach clean up is on Saturday 18th along with the party. So everyone can attend both clean ups and go to the party!