EarthDance, Environmental Short Film Festival, Saturday

Press release

By on Mon, October 5, 2009


On Saturday October 10, The Visionary Edge will screen the EarthDance Environmental Short Film Festival. The event will be co-hosted by and presented at the Community United Methodist Church in Half Moon Bay.

EarthDance is a unique and dynamic collection of eco-themed comedies, documentaries, animations, and thrillers that do not sacrifice entertainment for ecology, or sophistication for sustainability. They are provocative, passionate and funny films about inspiration, celebration, and action.

EarthDance is an example of meaningful media making that attempts to reconnect, in a modern age using 21st century tools, to tell the age-old story of our intimate connection to the natural world, its rhythms and its songs. EarthDance is an attempt to remind us how vital and multifaceted our relationship to the planet actually is.

According to Reba Vanderpool of The Visionary Edge "Perhaps most importantly, EarthDance creates a container for people who care about art, nature, and science to gather together and share their stories, ideas, and inspirations. The films are an entrée to a much deeper discussion and are an invitation to explore our multifaceted relationship to the natural world. Ideally these discussions will lead to individual and collective action to conserve, preserve, and restore the conditions necessary for all life to flourish, both locally and globally, and to encourage people to re-connect with and have fun in nature. I believe the power of nature and the human spirit can change the world for the better."

"EarthDance makes sustainability sexy with its juried compilation of comedies, documentaries, animations, thrillers, and family-friendly films that invite you to celebrate your relationship to the natural world, one international independent film at a time. Whoever said you had to sacrifice sophistication for sustainability, or entertainment for ecology?"

Babysitting will be provided for $5 per child for the evening with a 24 hour advance reservation.

Saturday, October 10th. Doors will open at 7:00pm, event begins at 7:30 at the Community United Methodist Church, 777 Miramontes Street (at Johnston), HMB. The event is free; donations will be   accepted to cover the costs of screening. Call 650-560-0200 for information and reservations.

Located in Half Moon Bay, The Visionary Edge produces events to inform, inspire, and empower us all to create a wiser, sustainable and more compassionate world.

Running Time:  1:42