Election research links. What are Coastside political issues at stake?


By on Mon, May 28, 2012

The Tuesday June 5th, 2012 election has seven candidates for the Board of Supervisors 4th District.

The Coastside is less than 2% of the population of the county (using 12,000 as the population of the Coastside, 720,000 as the population of San Mateo County).

The upcoming County level political decision that will upset the quality of life on the Coastside is the matter of "consolidating municipal service districts". 

So, since we are a very tiny fraction of the electorate, it is extremely important to avoid voting for any of the candidates who are explicitly in support of consolidating municipal service districts.

I am not going to argue the points here.

Best short newspaper summary of the 4th district candidates I have found:


Out of those seven, I pick Carlos Romero for my vote. The positive reason for picking Carlos Romero is he recognizes the proposed new San Mateo County Jail construction project as an idea worth reconsidering.

The Jail construction project is an idea I disapprove of.  The jail is a pre-arranged real estate deal to get rid of a hard to move industrial property. The jail is a construction project.  The American crime wave peaked back in the 20th century. Slowly and surely moderate numbers of people will be released from prison as drug punishment is scaled back.  California jail expenditures have passed certain classes of California educational expenditures; which means the punishment business is now too big.