Montara residents should review the GGNRA proposed access portal


By on Tue, March 15, 2011

Fellow Montara residents,

GGNRA Proposed Access Portal at the end of Le Conte in Montara.

Residents of Montara should be aware that with the transfer of ownership of the Rancho Coral de Tierra from POST to the GGNRA, the GGNRA is planning on establishing access points to this land by creating Trailhead Portals at the end of Le Conte Avenue adjacent to the Farallon View Elementary School in Montara and the end of Coral Ridge St. in El Granada. The proposed Portals will provide parking and Restroom Facilities for an estimated 10,000 Visitors a year. GGNRA Consequences of this action will have serious impact on community infrastructure and current public use models. Montara residents can anticipate the following:

1. A significant increase of traffic up and down, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 12th, Farallon, Main and Le Conte Streets

a. None of these streets are currently wide enough to handle two way traffic and residential parking

b. None of these streets currently provide pedestrian walkways for the continuity of the street

2. An increase risk of security to property and residents

a. The portal poses both a increased threat of traffic fatalities and or child abductions to children using and crossing Le Conte Avenue and adjacent trails to access Farallon View Elementary

b. The portal provides a convenient, remote and unsupervised location for unwanted visitors to stage drinking parties, use drugs, dump garbage, vandalize property

3. With the increased traffic from visitors, residents of Montara can anticipate changes in current use models for open space areas and trails for

a. Pedestrians
b. Dog Walking
c. Cycling
d. Equestrians
e. Hiking/running

If you wish to get involved in action to oppose this measure you can join the Google group by clicking on this link for the Farallon View Action Committee.

Purpose of this group is to inform Montara, CA citizens of GGNRA activity to establish access portals on Le Conte Avenue. in Montara. And, also, to gain citizen consensus and provide Montara Residence Guidance to GGNRA in establishing access to Rancho Coral Tierra lands adjacent to Montara, CA.

Please forward this email to anyone else you think might want to be informed.

Kevin Stokes