Field Notes: Coastside Farmers Market, Saturday


By on Fri, May 28, 2010

HI There Marketeers!
I was preparing for the early mail run this morning when it occurred to me to remind y’all that we are having the first of our blood drives this season on Saturday.  I think it was finding my ballot in my collection of re-usable grocery bags in the trunk of my car that triggered my memory, so the other reminder is don’t forget to vote. 

At any rate, the Bloodmobile is on the way, so if you are a donor or want to become one in honor of Memorial Day, why then make an appointment here, and we’ll all be happy.  Especially Santiago, who will sing to you when you are finished, and feed you oranges to perk you up. Paul might feed you cherries, too.  And if that’s not enough for you, Jennie Schacht, author of Farmers’ Market Desserts will be on hand to offer suggestions for all sorts of blood-sugar balancing delights that will level you out.  Plus, thanks to our local chapter of the Oddfellows, the Don Rowell Trio is popping over the slide from Pacifica, and those lush jazz standards should soothe your soul. 

If none of that does it for you, then I suggest you grab a baguette from James, a nice chunk of Dee Harley’s Ricotta, a handful of  Josie’s apricots, a bunch of mint and a bottle of James Blond white balsamic and make yourself an astonishing little breakfast when you get home.  

Here’s the deal - the last couple of weeks have been, well, bad-movie nutso. If you get these lovely ramblings then you must know the weather has been goofy, the State is in a state, the world scene beyond belief, and things are just plain tense. So when to top it all of your database crashes, and a hard drive needs replacing, the cat is making very odd sounds and you have to drive to Oregon three times in the same month that you attend as many funerals, well it’s no surprise that ballots get stuffed into car trunks, your only pair of proper pumps goes missing, and you screw up a recipe so thoroughly that it actually turns into something better. 

The apricots this season or coming to market looking a bit battered - they’ve been hailed on, smacked around and generally harassed all Spring  (no surprise I have an affinity for them, she noted from the pity pot).   But they are terrifically tasty and rich, so  there’s no need to  let the bumps and freckles worry you if you have a few of them around and your favorite loan officer shows up at your house for an unexpected visit.  Just cut a few apricots into chunks, and toss them with a handful of ribboned mint leaves and a splash of white balsamic vinegar, then add a handful of half-inch cubes of Harley Farm’s  splendid ricotta and toss it all together.  Slather a scoopful of this  rather unconventional but incredibly pretty breakfast bruschetta atop a slice or seven of a nice sour baguette, toasted lightly if you don’t mind,  with a few blueberries on the side, convince yourself and your guest that Spring has finally sprung, all is well and there is no need to re-finance. 

Thanks to our Pals at Toque Blanch for connecting us up with Jennie,  and to Damasco and Associates for all they do to keep this boat afloat. 

See you at the Market! 

Erin Tormey
Founder, Manager
Coastside Farmers’ Markets
Half Moon Bay • Pacifica