Field Notes: Coastsider Farmers’ Market


By on Tue, November 22, 2011

Seasoned Greetings Marketeers!

For you fresh fanatics ( or last minute maniacs) I thought a little reminder that the Market is open in Pacifica on Wednesday from 2:30 to 6:00 would be timely. So here it is. Swing on by for the freshest possible flowers, seasonal fruits and perfect veggies that you can find anywhere on this planet.

Just in case you are on your way to a communal feast and stuck for an idea, do you have a notion of how great Sukhi’s jalapeño chutney tastes on cornbread, or how lovely La Von’s Lavender infused cranberry sauce can transform a tradition? Want to boast that your Sweet Potato dish ( no, you rascal, not your new sweetheart! I mean the side dish, and NO, not the one the new sweetheart does not know about, sheesh) is made from Farmer Johns Grown-on-the-Coast sweet potatoes ( and they said it couldn’t be done!) and topped with homemade in Half Moon Bay Marshmallows (for the traditionalist Localvore), or with a sauté of shallots, toasted cumin and spiked with tangerine for the daring? Well swing on by then. WE have the basics a-plenty, and a few choice unusuals to perk up the table, though you are on your own when it comes to Auntie Mac, sister.

We are also open on Saturday in Half Moon Bay, because believe it or not, folks do need to eat pretty much every day, we’ve discovered! Plus, there’s some great stuff you can not get anywhere else so you can get a leg up on the job of stuffing your stockings.

We are just plain full of the Thanksgiving Spirit and grateful to you, our Market faithful, to our sponsors and hosts in both locations, and encourage y’all to consider the wonderful impact on the quality of your own life you are making every time you invest in and spend your money with the members of your community. It makes a huge difference, and one for which we are all deeply grateful.

Thanks a bushel and a bunch,

Erin Tormey Founder, Manager Coastside Farmers Markets