Film Society hosts silent film festival, Friday


By on Tue, November 10, 2009

—The Appetizer—
Betty Boop and Felix the Cat animations.
  —The Main Event —
Three Comic Silent Film Masterpieces from Buster Keaton

Three of Buster Keaton’s greatest silent films from the 1920s:  Whether playing a lovesick cowboy, a confused bodyguard, or a newlywed husband trying to build a house, each 20-minute film showcases Keaton’s comic genius as well as his gift for physical comedy.

The films also feature musical scores by Grammy Award-winning guitarist Bill Frisell, who was inspired to create them while watching Keaton’s movies with his young son.

* THE HIGH SIGN -  Keaton is hired as both the bodyguard and the assassin for the same man!  "There’s really no need to explain in detail the unbelievable plot line. This physical comedy is the closest you’ll ever come to seeing human beings act in real time to what would become the clear domain of animators some years later… You won’t believe your eyes." Clark Richards, The Internet Movie Database

* ONE WEEK -  A newlywed Keaton and wife attempt to build, furnish, and settle into a build-it-yourself-dream-home.  The instructions say you can build it in a week. Unfortunately, they have been provided with the wrong set of instructions.

* GO WEST - Is this Keaton’s only sentimental movie, or is it a joke about the devoted cow-eyed leading ladies featured in so many other silent films?  Keaton tries his luck as a cowboy and falls for a pretty little Holstein cow named Brown Eyes. Human girls may let him down, but Brown Eyes dotes on his every move. 

* MUSIC BY GRAMMY AWARD-WINNING GUITARIST BILL FRISELL -  "Watched this with my son, who is two-and-half years old, and he really flipped for it. I think there’s something really special about how instrumental music bypasses a lot of our language oriented logic, and I saw that perfectly in my son’s giggling, delighted reaction. ...  There’s a spark that emerges in this collaboration (between Keaton and Frisell)." Dennis Cook, JamBase Magazine. 

Friday Nov. 13, at 8:00
$6.00 suggested donation ($3.00 for kids)
Community United Methodist Church Sanctuary
777 Miramontes; Half Moon Bay

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