Films that Celebrate Four Ancient Cultures


By on Wed, July 20, 2011

The Coastside Film Society presents Film Night in Half Moon Bay

Friday July 22, at 8:00 pm

$8.00 adults, $3.00 kids 

Community United Methodist Church Sanctuary
777 Miramontes, Half Moon Bay, CA

Malana, A Lost Identity (30 mins)

A documentary about Malana, a tiny village hidden away from the rest of the world high up on a remote plateau in the mountainous far north of India. The people speak a language of unknown origin, shun foreigners, and live in harmony in the oldest democratic republic in the world. Will the Malanese be able to preserve their unique culture, or will it be swept away by the forces of globalization?

Time after Time (78 mins)

A documentary celebrating the great nature-loving heritage of the ancient Celtic Irish, Native American, and Aboriginal Australian peoples. Irish singer and filmmaker Mairéid Sullivan spent years filming the sacred gathering places and ancient symbols of three of our most ancient cultures. She then partnered with Native American composer Ben Kettlewell to create a soundtrack of poetry, prose, and music to bring her images to life.<br />

"A lyrical and jubilant interpretation of the human spirit through time and cultures - a visual and aural feast to remind us of our common harmonious ancestry." Brian Kavanagh, Australian Screen Editors Guild

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