Fire safety concerns for properties bordering open spaces in the Midcoast


By on Tue, September 13, 2011

The Midcoast Community Council meets September 14 at 7:30pm at the Seton Medical Center Coastside, Marine Boulevard & Etheldore, Moss Beach. Take Highway 1 to Marine Boulevard and follow hospital signs uphill. MCC attendees must park in upper parking lot per hospital policy.

The first item on the regular agenda is 4a. Fire Safety Concerns for Residential Properties Bordering Open Spaces in the Midcoast. We will be addressing community issues with POST, CUSD & Other open space properties regarding combustible debris in the defensible spaces bordering residential neighborhoods. This issue was raised by some residents in the Coral Ridge/El Granada area but we would like to hear from other communities in the Midcoast who have similar concerns. One possible action for the Council is to ask for County intervention and quick resolution before the fire season.

Other agenda items include:

4b. MCC Status: priorities and projects. (Len Erickson) 8:40

Review of letter from the chair concerning action priorities, long range plans, and MCC / community process and communication.

4c. Response from County on Items (Len Erickson) 8:55

•       Highway 1 / Transportation Management – Steve Monowitz.

•       Fiscal Study – Martha Poyatos

•       CCAG – Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee – D. Horsley/M. Grocutt

4d. MCC Committees / Citizen Committees (Bill Kehoe / Len Erickson) 9:10

With regard to Item 2 on page 3 of the agenda: Assess the views of the council regarding:

o    What role should the Community/MCC play in determining the membership of action committees of county departments or steering committees to advise on county direction on key issues.

o    What is the selection process for committees?

Develop Action Plan for a Position Paper

Agendas are posted at each of the local Post offices, the MCC office at the airport and online at the MCC website under Agendas. It is also emailed to all who subscribed to the Google Group "MCC-Agendas"