FishLine adds CrabLine & FishLine Web for Crab Season


By on Fri, December 6, 2013


Phondini Partners has rolled out a boatload of new features for FishLine in time for the opening of Dungeness crab season for Half Moon Bay and the Central California Coast.

CrabLine is your connection to crabbers who take orders by phone, text, or email.  Because of new limits on crabbing, it makes sense to reserve your crab to ensure you have it for your party or event.**  This also benefits the fishermen who want a steady flow of customers throughout the season.

FishLine mobile app users can click on CrabLine (or click on any ‘Fresh Seafood’ post) and view the seller’s contact information; they can call, text, or email them, view their website, and even go to their Facebook page, if they have one.  In addition, FishLine lets you add a fisherman to your ‘Favorites’ list, add them to your Contacts, create an event on your Event Calendar (especially your appointment to pick up your crab – don’t be late!), and jot down a note or two.

FishLine Web brings the best parts of FishLine to the World Wide Web so that anyone with access to a web browser can find Fresh, Local Seafood.  Despite the immense popularity of the FishLine mobile app, there was demand for a way to view and post Fresh, Local Seafood from desktop and notebook computers and FishLine Web delivers that capability.  FishLine Web can be found at

FishLine has been downloaded in all 50 states and 70 countries since its introduction in March of 2013 and is top ranked in the Fish & Seafood categories.  Because of this demand, Phondini will be expanding FishLine to cover every fishing port on the Pacific Coast in the coming months.

FishLine is free and available now on the Apple iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, the Google Play Store for Android, and the Amazon AppStore for Android.  There is no charge to either sellers or buyers for using the app.  Download links for the FishLine app are at

Also, the FishLine Facebook Page has become a destination for those interested in our fisheries and the beautiful fishing ports and working waterfronts.

** – Please note that the fishermen can not guarantee delivery of crab by a given date & time.  Weather, swells, and the crabs themselves may make guaranteed delivery impossible.