Fitzgerald Marine Reserve annual volunteer naturalist training begins January

Press release

By on Sat, December 6, 2008


Did you know…..they can grow new body parts, walk on 10,000 feet, pry open a mussel using a seawater hydraulic system, and turn their stomach inside out to dissolve their lunch outside of their body? Are they aliens? Nope, just an amazing sea star!

The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach is a unique intertidal environment. As the tide retreats, a world of wonderful creatures and plants is exposed. There are many species of fascinating animals: sun stars, bat stars, leather stars, turban snails, unicorn snails, green striped crabs, and other interesting animals like the Hopkin’s Rose nudibranch, sea pork tunicates and mossy chitons. The Reserve is also a haul out area and rookery for a large population of harbor seals.

Are you curious? Why are they called leather stars, unicorn snails, mossy chitons, and sea pork?

Our Naturalist Training is an incredible opportunity to learn about the ecology, habitats, and adaptations of life in the tide pools.

The goals of the Friends of Fitzgerald are "the protection and preservation of the Marine Reserve as a unique intertidal environment and the promotion of educational activities for school children, residents, visitors and researchers, to see and touch many elements of wildlife ecosystems."

Our Naturalists help to promote our goals by sharing their new found knowledge and passion for the intertidal by talking to Reserve visitors on the weekends, during school field trips/tours, in the visitor center and through outreach opportunities at fairs and other environmental gatherings. It is a rewarding experience to share the wonders of the ocean with people eager to know more.

The class will be offered 10 am – 3 pm on Saturdays January 24 – March 7 (no class Feb14). Six mentoring hours with other current Volunteer Naturalists and assisting with two tours at the Reserve are required to successfully complete the course. Upon completion of the course we ask Naturalists to do 2 -3 tours per month. Materials fee: $65.

To learn more about our program please call Mary DeLong at (650) 728-5917, email [email protected] . Visit our website at Feel free to pass on this information to your friends who may be interested.