AT&T withdraws cell tower application after packed MCC meeting


By on Thu, September 23, 2010

Since I posted my letter earlier this morning, it has come to my attention that AT&T’s decision to withdraw their El Granada #1 water tank cell tower application based on information from the CCWD—- the CCWD and AT&T agreed that it was in the best interest of everyone to withdraw the application from the San Mateo County Planning Department.  The CCWD and AT&T listened and HEARD the voicez of El Granada—- this is a big deal to me, my family, and my neighborz.  We thank the CCWD and AT&T for responding to our concernz and giving us a great reason to meet our neighborz!  Simon says, "StopTheCellTower and StartTheCelebrationParty!"

Five Bars & Five Stars For AT&T…  For Now…

Last night 77 members of the El Granada Neighborhood Action Group (EGNAG) filled the seats, filled the MCC boardroom, and filled the halls of Seton Medical Center in Moss Beach prepared to speak for improved cell phone reception on the coast but against the placement of cell towers in residential areas.

The EGNAGgers were well prepared having spoken at 2 other MCC meetings, the CCWD’s last meeting, writing several letters to local politicians and publications, and gathering over 700 signatures on their StopTheCellTower.Org petition.

However, before EGNAG had a chance to voice their agenda item, AT&T announced at the meeting that they were withdrawing their application for a 65-foot mono-pine cell tower in residential El Granada at the Granada #1 water tank on CCWD property.

The MCC boardroom was instantly filled with joy and relief from EGNAG.

AT&T noted that they listed and "heard" our EGNAG concerns and are planning a community outreach in October with the hopes of locating an appropriate cell tower site and improving cell reception on the coast.

EGNAG has been asking the CCWD to not only LISTEN but HEAR what the community is saying about cell towers in residential areas—- it is not yet clear if the CCWD assisted in AT&T "hearing" EGNAG’s concerns, but EGNAG is very grateful that the Granada #1 water tank application is being withdrawn and that AT&T HEARD our concerns—- hip-hip-hooray and "5 stars" and "5 bars" for AT&T, and "5 water-tanks" for the CCWD!

Thank you MCC for putting EGNAG on your agenda and HEARING us for the past few months—- "5 new coastside trails" for you!

Also, thank you EGNAGgers for your thousands of hours of community building work related to our StopTheCellTower efforts—- looking forward to your continued efforts during the October AT&T outreach and assisting them with options for non-residential alternative cell tower sites to improve cell reception on the Coastside.

Concerned El Granada Resident, Simon Streets