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By on Sat, September 4, 2010

We’re received the following letter from a reader:


I’m writing to send photos and comments regarding the letter/article posted by Margot Lowry on Aug 23,2010 titled "African Hybrid Cat (Savannah) Roaming in Montera".  I posted the following comment and submitting some of the photos I have of the cat I’m via this email. 

My wife, Patricia, and I identified a new, extremely large neighborhood cat wearing a blue & black collar as a Savannah hybrid. We’ve seen it several times coming around where we live in the El Granada highlands lately—upper El Granada Blvd. It is quite bold and approachable up to a point, but hisses if I get too close.  I got some close pictures and video of it.  It might be the same one, in which case it would seem to roam a wide territory.  I read the back of its circular tag from photos, to say "CALL MY DAD, NOT THE POUND".  The collar had no bell and I couldn’t get an image of the other side of the tag, on which I presume was "Dad’s" phone number.

We have not seen any altercations between the Savannah and other neighborhood pets, nor has our cat come home with any unusual injuries, though it did seem unusually timid about going outside around the time the Savannah first appeared.  Upon comparing the markings between my photos and that of the Montara Savannah, I think they are different animals.  The Savannah in our neighborhood is quite an exotic and formidable looking creature,  I’d like to find out who the owner is.  I think that if I paid the going price of several thousand dollars for such a pet, I would not want to risk having it stolen by letting it roam freely.

Chris Boswel




i want one of these cats!

OK, this is NOT Bubba in Montara! WOW!

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Thu, September 9, 2010 1:44pm
Barry Parr
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I received the following comment from Chris Manchester in El Granada

I am writing to inform folks of the ownership of the Cat in the most recent photos following this thread.  “Jack” is a Safari Cat, he is half South American Geoffrey Cat and half domestic Bengal house cat.  He is an F1 meaning 50% Wild 50% Domestic making him legally domestic.  He is a very rare breed and tends to have the attitude of a lab at times around his immediate family.  Jack is three years old is de-clawed in the front two feet.  He is very gregarious around others and “bold” as has been mentioned.   As I have raised him with my two children now  ages 3 and 5, he has been nothing but a loving cat.  I think he is getting a bad rap being associated with the Savanna cat in Montara who might still have it’s claws, or is injuring other cats in the neighborhood.

I have posted a picture of Jack with my daughter.  They have grown up together…and are good friends…if you see Jack call him by name and he will most likely come up purring.

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Sun, September 12, 2010 12:07pm
Tammy Lee
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For anyone wanting a cat, I want to give a plug for adopting from a rescue group or an animal shelter.  There are literally hundreds of animals dying for a loving home.

We adopted our “Jack” from a local rescue group; so I guess that makes him the cat equivalent of a mutt… but he’s a real love.

He looks similar to the aforementioned hybrid “Jack”

What a beautiful cat.

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Mon, October 18, 2010 10:34pm
Cid Young
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I want one too! Where does he sleep? My cats sleep on the bed…He looks like a bed-hog!