Free screening of 2010 Academy Award winning documentary


By on Tue, June 22, 2010

The Coastside Film Society proudly presents:

THE COVE (92 mins)

"The Cove plays like the James Bond version of an environmental doc.   
Quite simply one of the year’s best movies."
  Peter Howell, Toronto Star

A documentary about a group of environmental activists attempting to expose the dark underside of the annual dolphin roundup in Japan.  Tourists flock to Taiji, the little town that hosts the roundup, to see where so many of the worlds performing dolphins come from. What they are not told is that the vast majority of corralled dolphins end up as mercury-laden "whale meat" in Japanese school lunches.

The Japanese government and leaders of Taiji do everything they can to keep the story of the Cove hidden. The filmmakers respond with over-the-barbed-wire daring do, utilizing disguises, and state-of-the-art spy techniques to get the footage they want.

Be warned, "some of the footage is graphic and bloody, but the Cove also makes points that don’t depend on those shots for their effectiveness. We learn a lot about dolphin intelligence, witness the ineffectiveness of the International Whaling Commission in the face of Japanese lobbying, and learn how the high mercury levels in dolphin meat bring to mind the earlier mercury poisoning scandal at Minamata."  Kenneth Turan Los Angeles Times

Friday June 25, 2010 at 8:00 pm
No charge for this screening  
United Methodist Church Classroom
777 Miramontes & Johnson, Half Moon Bay

Rated PG 13 for disturbing content

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