Going Coastal: Rich Gordon

By on Thu, September 9, 2010

Darin Boville
Part 1


Darin Boville
Part 2

Neil’s guest is Supervisor Rich Gordon. Gordon is the long-time representative of the Coastside’s district on San Mateo County’s Board of Supervisors and is poised to win a seat in the State Assembly this November. Rich talks about his tenure on the board, his marriage, coastal development, and offers advice to his replacement.

I didn’t watch this as I’m not interested in hearing Rich Gordon’s self-serving propaganda. The truth is he helped torpedo nearly 10 years of local effort in trying to update the MidCoast LCP.

As County Supervisor, Gordon voted to reject the Coastal Commission-approved version of the Midcoast LCP update that would have had major benefits for residents and visitors by helping to protect and restore the unique MidCoast environment.

Instead Gordon favored a version of the LCP update that is designed to reward his many developer/realtor supporters who seek to exploit and profit from the unique MidCoast environment.