“Got Fish?” Water for the Delta - Decision - Tuesday, March 12 - Sharp Park Library, Pacifica


By on Sun, March 10, 2013

Peter Drekmeier, Program Director for the Tuolumne River Trust, will be
the speaker at the Pacifica Sharp Park Library on Tues, March 12 at 7PM.

Admission is free.
WHEN: Tuesday, March 12 - 7pm
WHERE: Sharp Park Library - 104 Hilton Way - Pacifica, CA

San Mateo County gets its water from the Tuolumne, which once hosted a robust salmon fishery. But with most of the river flows diverted to the San Joaquin Valley, salmon and other fish numbers have plummeted, along
with permits to fish for them.

The State Water Resources Control Board will decide whether to guarantee adequate river flows to help the salmon and others depending on the river. Drekmeier maintains that most of the river water should flow through the
delta for a healthy estuary.

Learn more about the Tuolumne River Trust online at www.tuolumne.org