Half Moon Bay police chief leaving to become US Marshal

Posted by on Tue, August 10, 2010

Police Chief Don O’Keefe was confirmed by the United States Senate to become the United States Marshal for the Northern District of California.  Chief O’Keefe has been the City’s Police Chief since June 1, 2007 and is expected to assume his new duties by mid September.

Interim City Manager Michael Dolder will meet with the City Council to discuss Chief O’Keefe’s replacement. 

Chief O’Keefe said “I’m honored to have been selected for this important position and wish to thank Senator Feinstein for her recommendation and President Obama for nominating me.” 

In a press release, Chief O’Keefe said that he is particularly proud of the accomplishments his department has made in the areas of community policing, emergency preparedness, and programs, such as the Police Activities League (PAL).

Based on a press release from the city of Half Moon Bay.

Congrats to Mr O’Keefe. Serving his country well. Not to mention on PHAT pension on the taxpayers into perpetuity.

If the HMB City Council had any fiscal sense whatsoever (which they don’t) then they would uae this opportunity to seriously consider contracting out for police services to the County Sheriff’s Department, just like the City of San Carlos recently decided to do.

Instead, our “esteemed” HMB City Council will likely hire another overpaid version of the Chief.

San Carlos projects 30% savings from outsourcing to the Sheriff. Here’s an interview with the SC mayor on KQED:


The arguments for outsourcing are pretty sound. I don’t see how the HMB city council cannot see this as an opportunity to at least consider it.