Help transition the Coastside, tonight at HMB Library


By on Fri, October 1, 2010

There is a new grass roots movement sweeping the US and other countries. It was founded to address the three challenges of Climate Change, Peak Oil and Economic Instability. Its name is Transition Initiative. Many communities in the Bay Area are already confronting these challenges and the ensuing crises that flow from them. The name of the local group is Coastside Transition.

Organizationally, each community is free to implement its own version of how to build local resilience to energy and economic shocks and to reduce its fossil fuel use. Local conditions and expertise are very diverse. Each community will need to draw its own path to a better future while also working with other Transition Initiatives to share organizational and program ideas. Together we can plot our own direction through the many coming societal and environmental challenges.

Our world is changing as we all know. Planning is needed for modifications in our behavior, life style choices and natural resource management. This is surely much better than letting events overtake us.

The newly formed Coastside Transition group will present a free 50 minute video that was produced by the first Transition Town of Totnes in the UK in 2008. A discussion will follow.

We have a display this month at the HMB Library as well as a brand new web site with links to other US and international Transition sites.

The meeting will start at 7:00 pm, Friday Oct 1 at the HMB Library and end about 8:30. Doors will open at 6:45. There is no cost.

Please bring a friend or two and learn how you can become more involved in this dynamic grass roots based effort. All ages welcome.

Other Bay Area Transition groups are in Santa Cruz, San Lorenzo Valley, Palo Alto, San Francisco, West Marin, Richmond, Albany and Silicon Valley.

The Transition US headquarters is in the North Bay town of Sebastopol.

Please join with your fellow Coastsiders and help us leave a better community for our children and future generations.

The Coastside Transition Team