Highway 1 parallel trail funding uncertain


By on Wed, March 5, 2014

The County recently applied to SMC Transportation Authority (TA) for funding for planning/permitting of the southern segment of the Midcoast Highway 1 Parallel Trail, from HMB city limit to the Coronado intersection in El Granada.

Competition is fierce for County Measure A sales tax funds for pedestrian and bicycle projects, which are generally considered every two years.  For the current cycle, the preliminary staff report [pdf] recommends only the top 10 of 23 projects for funding.  The Midcoast Hwy 1 Parallel Trail is ranked #11, only 0.6 points behind #10 in the scoring system.  No Coastside projects were recommended for approval—apparently there are no points added for geographic diversity. 

The TA Board of Directors will hear the initial staff presentation of proposed funding allocations at their meeting on Thursday, March 6, at 5PM, at 1250 San Carlos Ave, 2nd floor, San Carlos (Agenda Item #11a).  Final decision on funding allocation will be made at their April 3 meeting.

The Midcoast Community Council wrote in support of the grant application [pdf] last December.  Community members can email their support for this project to the TA Board members ([email protected]), or speak at the March 6 meeting.