Highway 92 travel times are now online

Posted by on Wed, May 24, 2006

511.org has added travel times for Highway 92, including a map and travel times from Half Moon Bay to 280 and from 280 to Half Moon Bay.  The travel time link here will give you the time from the intersection of Highways 1 and 92 in Half Moon Bay to the intersection ofHighways 92 and 280.

While possibly helpful, what would really rock would be a travel time link between Montara and HMB—where I seem to be spending h..o..u..r..s lately. I went to the 511.org website and made that request in the ‘suggestion’ area.

This information is far, far more helpful in determining the level of traffic, than the CalTrans webcam at 92 and 1.

Further, an El Grenada to HMB travel time status would also be very helpful.

I received an email today from someone at 511 saying that they would have Route 1 from Montara to 92 on the web hopefully next week.

small update on 92

“But SpeedInfo recently installed sensors along Highway 1 and at the 92 interchange at Highway 1 and I-280. Because of the lack of available poles, they were unable to install more sensors along 92. Regional officials will install toll tag readers along 92, providing traffic updates that can be made available through 511.”


I doubt SR1 would be covered anytime soon.

very helpful driving time info, thanks!


More folks living in Montara and Moss Beach who commute over 92 in the morning need to get FasTrak transponders.  Until that happens the drive times posted on the 511.org website will be fairly inaccurate.  I monitored the 511.org site this AM before leaving at 6:15.  At 6:13 the drive time was posted at 11 minutes.  It took me 30+ minutes to get from Moss Beach to the High School.  Can only assume there isn’t enough transponder data to generate accurate predictions at this point.

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Mon, June 5, 2006 10:59am
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I believe the 511.org info is also based on readings from the solar-powered radar transmitters that Caltrans has mounted up and down Highway 1. These are all over the major interstates in the Bay Area as well.

Brian Dantes
El Granada